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Journaling II

 Mini #154

In Mini Makeover #28 Journaling and Creating an Idea Bank we explored the fulfillment, direction, and clarity that can be found through journaling. In this Mini, we continue on with additional journaling prompts, ideas and exercises to help you explore fulfillment, balance, stress-reduction and self-discovery.

Time Block Management

Mini #153
Opens 9/6

I, like many people, used to try and plan my days on a rigid calendar page with hours from 5AM to midnight. No matter how carefully I placed my plans, or color-coded them, I continually ended up at week’s end with much less completed than I had planned. When I stepped back to study what was happening, I realized that life is fluid– it does not fit nicely onto a rigid calendar. Our scheduling systems need to have “give” to flow with life. I created the Time Block Management system to allow my scheduling to have routine anchors but also fluid “work blocks” to accomplish my goals for a given week. In this Mini you will learn how to create your own Time Block Management system and begin using it next week!

Conquering Time Distortion

Mini #152

Time Distortion: Understanding how you currently use your time and how to better manage and maximize it

Sometimes, no matter how we plan, it seems our plans and schedules don’t “stick.” Often this is not due to insufficient planning skills, but a lack of understanding time distortion. Time distortion refers to our ability to estimate how long a task actually takes. For example, if you tend to always arrive late to an event, or too early, somewhere in the process you are over or underestimating the time you need. In this Mini you will estimate and measure your time in a variety of settings. This will allow you to see what your “time distortion level is”– for example, you may typically underestimate by 30% or overestimate by 25%. In addition you might find some tasks you can estimate down to the minute but in other areas you are severely off. Going through the time distortion exercises will help you increase your all-around efficiency and ensure you are planning a realistic time to complete what you need to do.

Note: This Mini is a perfect one to take in preparation for the Time Block Management Mini (#153)