Mini-Makeovers are a feature of the new Make Today Matter Life System by Brook Noel. To learn more about becoming a Make Today Matter Member click here.

Welcome to the Mini-Makeover catalog

During the first 45 days of your Make Today Matter Life System Membership the focus is on the Toolbox and applying the 30 Steps to conquer clutter, manage time, get organized and increase balance and contentment.  During this time, you will gain access to various components of the Make Today Matter program.

Benefits include, but are not limited to…

  • Meal Plans
  • MTM Magazine
  • Operation Ugly with Brook Noel and Action Jams
  • Online Community
  • MTM Library and Printables

When you complete the Toolbox, you will gain access to the ongoing Mini-Makeover program.

After completing the Toolbox Steps, each month you can choose three Mini-Makeovers to work on.

What is a Mini-Makeover?

  • A Mini-Makeover is a highly focused exploration of a specific topic. Until now if you wanted to learn budgeting, you would need to take the six week Financial Freedom course. Now you can choose a Mini-Makeover specific to just budgeting.
  • You can take as long as you like to complete them. As long as you are an active member you will have access to the Mini-Makeover tools and forums.
  • Minis, unless otherwise noted, are designed to be completed in 7-10 days (although you can take as long as you like and always have support as long as you are a Make Today Matter Member)
  • Unlike a class that starts and ends with students changing, Minis are exclusive to the Make Today Matter community. You can cross paths with members you have met in the Toolbox, our Community and Life Area Forums, and our Sprint/Chat rooms. (Good news-unlike the online classes, you don’t have to continually reintroduce yourself!)
  • Each Mini connects to an area of the Snapshot so you can easily choose Minis based on your Snapshot findings.
  • Each month you can choose up to three new Minis. This allows you to choose based on your needs each month. You can submit your choice at any time during the month. (You need not complete your previous choices before picking new ones; we simply limit new selections to three per month to encourage balance.)

I suggest working through the Priority Planning Workshop at the start of each month before choosing your Minis. This will help you choose the Mini most in alignment with your Snapshot. (You do not have to choose the suggested Minis… you are free to choose any Minis you wish.) Working through the Priority Planning Mini-Makeover is recommended, but not required for choosing Mini-Makeovers.

Choosing Your Minis: After browsing the catalog write down the name and number of the Minis you would like to work on. You will be able to submit your choices in our monthly Mini-Makeover database.

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