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Time Block Management

Mini #153
Opens 9/6

I, like many people, used to try and plan my days on a rigid calendar page with hours from 5AM to midnight. No matter how carefully I placed my plans, or color-coded them, I continually ended up at week’s end with much less completed than I had planned. When I stepped back to study what was happening, I realized that life is fluid– it does not fit nicely onto a rigid calendar. Our scheduling systems need to have “give” to flow with life. I created the Time Block Management system to allow my scheduling to have routine anchors but also fluid “work blocks” to accomplish my goals for a given week. In this Mini you will learn how to create your own Time Block Management system and begin using it next week!

Conquering Time Distortion

Mini #152

Time Distortion: Understanding how you currently use your time and how to better manage and maximize it

Sometimes, no matter how we plan, it seems our plans and schedules don’t “stick.” Often this is not due to insufficient planning skills, but a lack of understanding time distortion. Time distortion refers to our ability to estimate how long a task actually takes. For example, if you tend to always arrive late to an event, or too early, somewhere in the process you are over or underestimating the time you need. In this Mini you will estimate and measure your time in a variety of settings. This will allow you to see what your “time distortion level is”– for example, you may typically underestimate by 30% or overestimate by 25%. In addition you might find some tasks you can estimate down to the minute but in other areas you are severely off. Going through the time distortion exercises will help you increase your all-around efficiency and ensure you are planning a realistic time to complete what you need to do.

Note: This Mini is a perfect one to take in preparation for the Time Block Management Mini (#153)

Understanding and Living with ADD: The Basics

Mini #149

This Mini is the first in a series focusing on ADD in women. I will share how I discovered I had ADD and how I learned to work with it, making ADD a strength instead of a weakness. This Mini shares the criteria used for diagnosing ADD as well as what a diagnosis means. We will review how the ADD brain functions differently than the non-ADD brain and look at the areas of our life that are most affected as well as practical strategies for working with, instead of against, ADD. Future Minis in this series will focus on ADD and Time Management, ADD and Organization, and Explaining ADD to Others. Opens June 9

Vacation Planning Pt 2: Preparation and Packing

Mini #132
Created by Debbie C.

In the first vacation mini, we discussed how to pick a destination and how to make our travel arrangements.  Now that we know where we are going and how we are getting there, it time to deal with the nitty-gritty of vacation planning.  Namely, it is time to make our packing lists, things to do around the house to prepare, taking care of our pets, etc.   As a bonus, we will also talk about easy ways to record memories while on vacation. Includes checklists.

To-Do Overload

Mini #131
** To-Do Overload, a session created by Lyn Witter, was a popular favorite at our 2010 conference and Lyn has been kind enough to put it together for us as a Mini**

I love Brook’s system for planning!  I have completed my monthly, weekly, and nightly planning more often than not since 2004.  However, about twice a year I get this sick feeling in my stomach when I miss something, or I feel totally overwhelmed knowing that the ‘stuff I have to do this week’ can’t be shoved into a month during the current season of life that has swiftly overtaken me.  I find for the most part this happens after a major life event or a long bout of the flu when I just need to get myself back on track, and organize my thoughts.  These are the times when I collect everything, and re-start my planning from scratch…hence, the creation of this To-Do Overload mini-makeover.

By completing this mini-makeover, you are not replacing your planning system; you will simply re-create a solid foundation of lists from which to move forward.  Once finished, you should be able to move smoothly back into your planning system and feel comfortable that you have everything listed, and prioritized in the right place.

Staying Motivated Ebook Study Part 2 of 3

Mini 126 (Opens 9/1/10)

This Mini continues are work through the Staying Motivated Ebook. Our focus turns to how the concepts we explored in Part 1 influence our daily activities.

For a complete description of this Mini, please see Mini 125
Note: It is important to take Part 1 before proceeding to Part 2

Staying Motivated Ebook Study Pt 1 of 3

Mini 125

Using the ebook Staying Motivated, this Mini Series shares the ebook as well as a study guide to help you work through the contents. Divided into three Minis you will learn how to harness your personal power, motivation and energy to maximize each day.

Have you ever enjoyed one of those days where everything seemed to “sync” up and just fall into place? Despite what your to-do list entailed, you moved through it with ease and satisfaction. Many people believe these days “in the zone” are a matter of “luck” and rare occurrences to be savored.

These days aren’t a matter of “luck” or just a “good day,” there is actually a sequence of events that create this “zone.” It is not lack of willpower or self-discipline that creates “off days.” We cannot “muster” willpower and motivation from thin air.

Contrary to popular belief, we aren’t born with “willpower,” –it isn’t something you have or don’t have. Science shows that willpower, discipline, focus and flow are created through a unique series of steps. Once the formulas are understood, anyone can apply them to any aspect of life.

After reading thousands of pages, this workbook distills what Brook Noel has learned (and seen work) into easy-to-understand techniques that can be applied to realize maximum focus, flow and self-discipline. These qualities allow you to move past obstacles, reframe your experience, and experience daily success.

Quarterly Goal Workshop

Mini #122

In 2009 I held a Saturday Morning Workshop where we focused on breaking down our goals into milestones and achievable steps over a 16 week period. This Mini builds on that workshop by offering a year-round “goal club.” For each of the four quarters of the year (July-Sept; Oct-Dec, Jan-March; April-June) we will choose a goal to work on. (Or you can choose a big goal to work on over multiple goal periods). Using the Mini materials you can break your goal down and share your progress in the Mini forum. Additionally, the first Thursday of each month we will have an online work-sessions where we can share our progress, our goals, our obstacles and help each other to achieve and be accountable.

Audio Mini: Tips for Staying Balanced

Mini #120

Often our lives feel like a push-pull as we struggle to find a centered-place from which to make healthy decisions. We know that being balanced is a great goal–and a great concept… but how do we figure out what balance looks like for us? And how do we identify the boundaries we need to maintain that balance when we find it? In this Mini we will explore those questions and more with tips to help you find and maintain balance.

Effective Decision Making

Mini #119

Each day we are inundated with decisions. How we respond to those decisions is one of the single-most important factors in shaping our lives. Some decisions are little-others can be quite challenging. The more we hone our decision making skills, the better equipped we are to maximize each day and move forward in life. In this Mini we explore the  key factors of decision making as well as tools, handouts, and decision making techniques to help us hone our decision-making skills.

Audio Mini: Ready, Plan, Action! From Concept to Completion

#116 Audio Mini (Featured Mini)
Opens 5/5/2010

Finding the balance between planning and action can be a challenge for many women. In this Mini you’ll learn about how to properly and proactively plan, and then make sure you have created a plan that allows you to move into action and get it done. We will also cover the biggest mistakes people make when planning that can impede action and momentum. Includes worksheets.

Priority Planning Workshop

Mini #115 - April Featured Mini

One of the ways to maximize your time in the Make Today Matter program, and your time in general, is through a routine of Priority Planning. While it takes a little time, this planning is key to helping us stay on track throughout the month. Done thoroughly, this planning allows us to stay focused in  spite of adversity and to focus on what truly matters.  Priority Planning also reduces stress and helps us manage our time better. The five steps of Priority Planning can be accessed by all MTM Members in Phase II by following the link in the blue “quick links” menu. This Mini is an additional workshop that provides an audio version of each of the five steps, and also provides a location to share and encourage one another with our plans!

Attitude Makeover Pt 2

Mini #113

Please make sure you have taken Attitude Makeover Pt 1 (Mini # 111)  before taking Pt 2 (There are references to Part 1 in Part Two)

Days 6-10 of our 10 Day Attitude Program

Feeling blue or “out-of-sorts?” Negativity, stressful environments, worry, anxiety, fatigue–all can take a toll on our attitude leaving us feeling drained, irritable, anxious, or moody.

Fortunately, we do not have to settle for a less than stellar attitude. We can take quick and concise steps to reframe our perspective and make over our attitude. This Mini Series (Part 2 will be released April, 2010) is designed with a simple goal: To get out of the “muck” quickly.

The course begins with a before evaluation to assess your current coping skills and 5 Lessons (which is Mini #111), then, in this Mini you will receive lessons 6-10. These are the same lessons shared in our Attitude Makeover course.

Over the course of these 10 lessons you will learn:

… how to audit your thinking for negative thought patterns
… the 5 habits of negative thinkers (and how to avoid them)
… how negative thinking spirals (and how to stop it)
… how to use affirmations for a quick pick-me-up
… how action conquers despair
… how to use the 5-Minute Motivator
… how to design Mini-Missions for the mind
… how to recognize negative-triggers (and stop them)

Make Ahead Meals

Mini #110 Make Ahead Meals: Tips, Recipes and a How-To Plan for creating 7-10 days of storage-friendly, tasty meals in one day

Perhaps you have heard of “bulk cooking”, “cooking for the freezer,” or “once a month cooking,” but have been hesitant to try it. This Mini gives you a great opportunity to learn about this cooking technique. With a little planning and some bulk cooking knowledge, you can greatly reduce nightly meal preparation! This Mini offers tips for freezing, a step-by-step approach, and sample recipes with freezing and reheating instructions. (Opens March 6)

Life Profiler Mini * Featured Mini

Mini Makeover #105

If you are ready to do an in-depth analysis of your strengths and weaknesses to help you “go beyond the Snapshot” then this is the Mini for you! Brook developed the Life Profiler Mini to help people pinpoint what specific steps they can take to improve life areas of concern. The Profiler includes over 200 questions and can be downloaded in Microsoft Excel format. After answering the questions, you will be able to see how well you score in 17 different life areas as well as learn what MTM solutions and strategies can help you improve! This is a great in-depth review to do once or twice per year.

Get Ready! Get Set! Goal! 10 Tips (Audio)

Mini #104

In this audio Mini, Brook shares 10 tips to help you with goal setting. You’ll learn about the important steps of goal planning, why goals often “get away from us”, and how to set yourself up for success!  Makes a great companion in conjunction with our other goal setting Minis.

Audio Mini: Working with Routines

Mini #102 - Audio Mini 30-45 minutes

One common thread can be found in the hundreds of women Brook has coached– the desire for effective, sustainable, routines to help life go smoothly. In this Audio Mini, Brook reviews the routines covered in the MTM Toolbox and covers tips for refining, honing and maximizing their use to create the life you desire. Topics include: Building balanced routines, the Nightly Reflection, Good Morning, and Priority Planning.

Audio Mini - Time Management - Part 2 of 2

Mini #103 Time Management - Part 1 of 2

One of Brook’s most popular speaking topics is Time Management. Over the years she has present her 10 Steps to Success Time Management to hundreds of people for use in their professional and personal life. Now she has brought her Time Management tips to audio in a two-series Mini for MTM Members. In this Audio Mini she shares the seconds set of her tips, 6-10. See Mini #99 for the first installment.  These time management tips will help you maximize your energy and efforts and have you thinking about time as a valuable resource and asset–not something you can never get enoug of! Approx 20-30 minutes.

See also Mini #99

Audio Mini: Time Management - Part 1

Mini #99 Time Management - Part 1 of 2

One of Brook’s most popular speaking topics is Time Management. Over the years she has present her 10 Steps to Success Time Management to hundreds of people for use in their professional and personal life. Now she has brought her Time Management tips to audio in a two-series Mini for MTM Members. In this Audio Mini she will share the first five of her tips, and in the next audio Mini watch for the second installment. These time management tips will help you maximize your energy and efforts and have you thinking about time as a valuable resource and asset–not something you can never get enoug of! Approx 20-30 minutes.

Creating Your Holiday Notebook

Mini #93

A holiday notebook can be a great organizer, celebration enhancer and stress-reducer over the holiday season. Each year you can organize and plan your holiday celebrations in a notebook, creating a quick-reference guide for common holiday tasks, activities and plans such as: sending cards, entertaining, gift ideas/sizes/likes, recipes, favorite stores (best deals), games and entertainment, favorite memories and more.

In this Mini you are provided templates for building your holiday notebook and tips for using each template.

NOTE: If you plan to take the 10 Weeks of Christmas Course (starting October 12) you will receive this information throughout the 10 week course.