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Greeting Cards – Always Handy, Always on Time

Mini #151
by Sherriebeth Czepiel

Who doesn’t love getting a beautiful card for a birthday or anniversary, or one congratulating us on a new baby in the family?  Who doesn’t love to know that someone out there is thinking of us during this special time in our lives? Or when we are down, how encouraging is it for a sister-friend-mom to send (or receive from us) a little card with a few words to say “I know this time is hard, but I also know you can get through it and I am here to help you!”?Yet many of us do not do this simple act…why is that?

The simple answer to this simple question is that we just do not have the time to go to the store, buy a card, take it home, find a nice pen, write it out, find the address, find a stamp, and drop it in the mail.  Even regularly-scheduled events, like a child’s birthday or a religious event of great importance, we often do not plan far enough ahead to make sending a greeting card easier, thus relegating it to another ‘I gotta’, ‘I should’, or ‘I need to’ stressor in our lives.

In this Mini, Sherriebeth shares how to make a greeting card station that allows you to send cards easily, efficiently, and on time. She offers multiple systems so you can choose the one that best suits your paper-personality and offers step-by-step instructions for set up.

Planning a Family Reunion

Mini #150
Written by Debbie C.

Have you ever thought about trying to get your extended family together in one place at one time to visit?  What would be involved in assembling everyone?  How often should you get together?  Who should do the planning?  What should you do once everyone is together? In this Mini we will discuss how to plan a family reunion.  We will cover mailing lists, picking a destination, choosing activities and organizing your information.  We will also cover some ideas for ways to fund group expenses, souvenirs that you can make, and ways that you can make the experience more memorable for you family.  This mini will include sample checklists and a mailing list template.  I will be using the steps that I am taking and the forms that I am using to plan my family’s reunion that we will be holding in June 2012.