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Everyday Savings Challenge

Mini #142

Everyday Savings: Silly Ways to Lose Money..and How to Stop: In this Mini we explore the “advertising” we commonly buy into that tends to hurt out pocket book and how to make wise decisions in regard to these strategies. We also explore over 50 ways to save money– from cutting costs on groceries, to simple fixes around the home, to tools for comparison shopping. Finally we look at a savings calculator that can help us set a goal to save with the strategies we have learned in this Mini.

Using Theme Words for Purpose-Filled Living

Mini written by member, CathyJo
Exercises, editing, and resources by Brook Noel

Mini #141
In early January, member CathyJo,came across a new concept floating around the blogosphere: Word of the Year. The movement was started by a woman named Christine Kane.  She and a friend decided that since most New Year’s Resolutions don’t stick they wanted to try something new.  And so Word of the Year was born. In this Mini CathyJo shares how she adapted the concept to work with quarterly goals, monthly focus, and creating words for the week to move her forward.

Pursuit of Paper Perfection #4

Mini #140
The Pursuit of Paper Perfection #4
Processing Active Paper

In the fourth mini of our Paper series, we will look at building new habits for
processing your active paper. Active Paper is any “new” paper with which you need
to take action. In this Paper mini-makeover, we will tackle new mail delivery, weekly
maintenance, and your active financial papers.