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Principles for Peace of Mind

Mini #139

As we strive to make the best of weeks, months, and years, it is important to remember how much our attitude and thought patterns influence each day. When we work to build better days, the weeks and months take care of themselves. In this Mini we will review principles that can help you attain peace of mind, release worry and anxiety. These positive principles will not only help you with self-esteem, they will help you move toward your goals and improve relationships with others.

Pursuit of Paper Perfection #3

Mini #138

In the first two installments of this series, we have unpiled, catalogued, sorted, classified, purged, shredded and recycled…and now we move on to setting out our area for managing the paper of everyday living!  We create a home to manage those ‘incoming’ bills and items needing our responses.  We establish a working station for the paper for everyone in the home.  We get ready to process our paper as these active pages get A Home Of Their Own!

Pursuit of Paper Perfection #2

Mini #135

In Pursuit of Paper Perfection Mini-makeover I, we started the process of eliminating paper piles and stacks from our lives and homes.  The first mini-makeover focused upon our “initial sort”, getting us ready for the “Big Job” at hand…the detailed sorting, categorizing, purging, and elimination process!

When we start going through stacks of idle and backlogged paper, often we begin my making more and more piles. Then something happens and we have to scoop them up and put them away, or we return later and cannot remember what each stack is for.  This often leads to repeating the pattern, and indefinitely, creating new ingenious hiding places.

In order to avoid repeating this ‘paper pattern’, we need to set up a working system for managing paper throughout this series.  The focus of this installment is sorting, categorizing, and purging of the piles so that we can develop and maintain our Perfect Paper Management System.

Nutrition Tune Up

Often we know what is good for us–we just forget to do it! Before we know it, healthy habits can be ebbed out by unhealthy patterns. In this Mini we work through a “Nutrition Tune Up” by focusing on 10 specific components for leading a healthy lifestyle. We begin with one behavior, and three days later add another–by the end of the month you will have completed this 10 Step Nutrition Tune Up.

Creative Compositions

Mini #136

If you have ever wanted to try creative writing for self-discovery but find journaling leaves you with a blank page, you might enjoy Creative Compositions. Creative Compositions aims at drawing forth your creativity through poetic and expressive exercises. This Mini contains five exercises/prompts, complete with reflective space and samples. The exercises focus on helping you explore and discover your life, character, thoughts, and feelings on a deeper level.