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Vacation Planning Pt 2: Preparation and Packing

Mini #132
Created by Debbie C.

In the first vacation mini, we discussed how to pick a destination and how to make our travel arrangements.  Now that we know where we are going and how we are getting there, it time to deal with the nitty-gritty of vacation planning.  Namely, it is time to make our packing lists, things to do around the house to prepare, taking care of our pets, etc.   As a bonus, we will also talk about easy ways to record memories while on vacation. Includes checklists.

To-Do Overload

Mini #131
** To-Do Overload, a session created by Lyn Witter, was a popular favorite at our 2010 conference and Lyn has been kind enough to put it together for us as a Mini**

I love Brook’s system for planning!  I have completed my monthly, weekly, and nightly planning more often than not since 2004.  However, about twice a year I get this sick feeling in my stomach when I miss something, or I feel totally overwhelmed knowing that the ‘stuff I have to do this week’ can’t be shoved into a month during the current season of life that has swiftly overtaken me.  I find for the most part this happens after a major life event or a long bout of the flu when I just need to get myself back on track, and organize my thoughts.  These are the times when I collect everything, and re-start my planning from scratch…hence, the creation of this To-Do Overload mini-makeover.

By completing this mini-makeover, you are not replacing your planning system; you will simply re-create a solid foundation of lists from which to move forward.  Once finished, you should be able to move smoothly back into your planning system and feel comfortable that you have everything listed, and prioritized in the right place.

FM: Simplicity

Mini #130

In this week long study we explore what Scripture reveals about simplicity in life. Our study focuses on how letting go of emotional and physical clutter opens us up to experience more joy, true abundance, and God’s Grace.