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Vacation Planning: The Basics

Mini 127 (Opens 9/1/10)
Written by Debbie C. with Brook Noel

So you have made the decision to go on vacation!  Now what??  Some vacations are easier to plan than others.  When you are obligated to go to Grandma’s house, you know what to do; but, that about thimes when you want to do something different?  What do you need think about?  In this mini, we will talk about the following:
1.  Work & family obligations
2.  Budget
3.  Where to go
4.  How to get there
5.  Where to stay once you are there; and
6.  How to find out about things to do in advance
At the end of this mini will be a list of resources to help you with your next vacation.

Staying Motivated Ebook Study Part 2 of 3

Mini 126 (Opens 9/1/10)

This Mini continues are work through the Staying Motivated Ebook. Our focus turns to how the concepts we explored in Part 1 influence our daily activities.

For a complete description of this Mini, please see Mini 125
Note: It is important to take Part 1 before proceeding to Part 2