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Quarterly Goal Workshop

Mini #122

In 2009 I held a Saturday Morning Workshop where we focused on breaking down our goals into milestones and achievable steps over a 16 week period. This Mini builds on that workshop by offering a year-round “goal club.” For each of the four quarters of the year (July-Sept; Oct-Dec, Jan-March; April-June) we will choose a goal to work on. (Or you can choose a big goal to work on over multiple goal periods). Using the Mini materials you can break your goal down and share your progress in the Mini forum. Additionally, the first Thursday of each month we will have an online work-sessions where we can share our progress, our goals, our obstacles and help each other to achieve and be accountable.

Mastering the Moment

Mini #121

In our quest for contentment and balance one of the most important areas to focus on is the power of each moment. We cannot change the past, and the future is not yet here–the moment is where we truly can impact powerful change. Often moments become filled with stress or anxiety if we cannot maintain balance. In this Mini we will look at exercises to help us stay grounded in the now so we can make the most of every day.