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Mindful Eating

Mini #118
by Rhonda Miga

For as long as I have had children, I have been a fast eater, otherwise, I would not have eaten. Lately, I have also been an emotional eater. Put these two components together and it is a recipe for disaster. Fast eating often leads to overeating because we consume too much food before our brains receive the message to STOP eating. Fast eating while you are emotionally stressed can often lead to unsatisfied overeating. This habit can make a person unhealthy both mentally and physically! In this Mini I will share how awareness and knowledge can help us make decisions that support our mental and physical health. Through the use of exercises and worksheets, you’ll learn practical strategies to implement mindful eating in your own household.

Audio Mini: Tips for Staying Balanced

Mini #120

Often our lives feel like a push-pull as we struggle to find a centered-place from which to make healthy decisions. We know that being balanced is a great goal–and a great concept… but how do we figure out what balance looks like for us? And how do we identify the boundaries we need to maintain that balance when we find it? In this Mini we will explore those questions and more with tips to help you find and maintain balance.

Effective Decision Making

Mini #119

Each day we are inundated with decisions. How we respond to those decisions is one of the single-most important factors in shaping our lives. Some decisions are little-others can be quite challenging. The more we hone our decision making skills, the better equipped we are to maximize each day and move forward in life. In this Mini we explore the  key factors of decision making as well as tools, handouts, and decision making techniques to help us hone our decision-making skills.

Faith Matters: The Gospel of Matthew

Mini #117
Opens 5/5/10

In this Faith Matters Study we work through the Gospel of Matthew. The study is broken down into sections to work at the pace of about one chapter per day. Reflection questions focus on applying the Scripture to your daily life as well as retaining the messages of the Gospel and understanding the book in its ancient setting.

This is the first of four studies to take us through the Gospels.

Audio Mini: Ready, Plan, Action! From Concept to Completion

#116 Audio Mini (Featured Mini)
Opens 5/5/2010

Finding the balance between planning and action can be a challenge for many women. In this Mini you’ll learn about how to properly and proactively plan, and then make sure you have created a plan that allows you to move into action and get it done. We will also cover the biggest mistakes people make when planning that can impede action and momentum. Includes worksheets.