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Soul Food 2

Mini #109

Soul Food 2: Creative Ways to Use Soul Food, Inspirations & Affirmations for Self-Improvement…In this Soul Food Mini we will work through five exercises to help you use Soul Food to inspire and encourage you everyday. I’ll share examples of how I have used Soul Food to remind me of my priorities during “rough patches,” and we will look at how to use Soul Food Cards to work with the priorities of your Snapshot.

Attitude Audio

Mini #108
Audio Mini

Are you overly self critical, a negative thinker, feeling anxious, tired, down and out? Learn how our attitude can shape our lives and our progress. Most importantly, learn how to improve yours with the strategies shared in this audio Mini. (Opens 2/4/10).

5 Session Goal Workshop

Mini #107
Includes 5 audios and workbook

If you missed my Facebook workshop in January, you can now take it as a Mini. This workshop is comprised of 5 essential steps for planning a goal (also valuable for project management.) Each step includes worksheets and audios to guide you through each step.