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Audio Mini: Time Management - Part 1

Mini #99 Time Management - Part 1 of 2

One of Brook’s most popular speaking topics is Time Management. Over the years she has present her 10 Steps to Success Time Management to hundreds of people for use in their professional and personal life. Now she has brought her Time Management tips to audio in a two-series Mini for MTM Members. In this Audio Mini she will share the first five of her tips, and in the next audio Mini watch for the second installment. These time management tips will help you maximize your energy and efforts and have you thinking about time as a valuable resource and asset–not something you can never get enoug of! Approx 20-30 minutes.

Hosting a Cookie Exchange & Stress-Free Entertaining

Mini #98
15 pages

In this Mini we explore how to host a cookie exchange along with Stress-Free Party Tips & Ideas for entertaining during the holiday season. We start out by exploring 8 holiday theme parties and practical strategies to make entertaining stress-free. You’ll discover free resources to manage invitation lists, how to plan the right amount of appetizers, and more. Then we turn our attention to planning a cookie exchange. A cookie exchange is a gathering where each guest prepares a designated number of their favorite cookies prior to the gathering. The day of the gathering, each guest receives a dozen of the each attendee’s cookies, and gives each attendee a dozen of
their own. Recipes are also attached so that your family can add new holiday favorites to your repertoire. Typically, at the gathering, the cookies are sampled, stories
are shared, and fun is to be had by all. The cookie exchange is a great way to have some fun holiday time with the girls, have many cookie types without preparing each one on your own, and enjoy the stories and recipes of others.

Celebrate Thanksgiving

Mini #97
14 pages
*November Featured Mini *

Note: If you are taking the 10 Weeks of Christmas course you will receive the information in this Mini in the week’s prior to Thanksgiving. If you are not taking that course and would like to visit and choose CLASSES or visit the Member Link in the Library for your exclusive MTM Discount.

When I was younger, I was not nearly as enthusiastic about Thanksgiving as I am today. When I was younger, I thought Thanksgiving paled in comparison to the fanfare and excitement of hristmas (and my birthday, which falls in December). As I became a young woman, Thanksgiving soon became one of my favorite holidays. An entire day edicated to being thankful and celebrating the joys in our life!

I don’t know about you, but I have made a few observations. (1) A lot of people like to complain – they almost seem addicted to complaining, chaos or negativity.
(2) Often we are too busy to just “stop” and be thankful! (3) Being thankful around the actual Christmas celebration, can be more challenging because there is so
much going on!

Having a day devoted to gratitude, without the stressors of presents, high expectations, and the like, is a welcome relief. It reminds us all to STOP and
celebrate what is here. In this Mini we will explore ways to celebrate thankfulness throughout the month, activities and ideas, ways to involve children, a Thanksgiving Menu and shopping list, and a thanksgiving prep-checklist.

10 Steps to Jumpstart Your Job Search

Mini #100
Guest Mini Leader: Sara Pattow
(See Also Mini #84 Resume Writing)

Over 6,000,000 Americans have found themselves looking for work unexpectedly over the past year. Keeping motivated during times of unemployment is difficult. When we are faced with looking for a new job because of a forced separation – layoff, termination, company closing or elimination of your position, it can lead to depression, anxiety,  and a lack of self-worth or esteem. The stress of finances, security and family expectations force individuals to deal with a great deal of emotions while also trying to focus on the future and next steps.

During a job loss, we often lose a sense of self purpose during this time and it is critical to make sure that you find a new purpose to move you forward. The good news is that you have decided to take proactive steps by taking this mini. In this mini, we will explore 10 tips to jumpstart your job search and make it more effective.