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Mapping Out A Creative Space

Mini #83

When engaged in the creative process, it’s common to find ourselves surrounded by creative materials. This is fine and natural—until we find ourselves surrounded by materials that have nothing to do with the project at hand. These “extras” soon take over our working space and we all too often succumb to the temptation of “scooping” them into a pile—or moving ourselves to a different space. This move-or-scoop process is then repeated—and goes on indefinitely—unless we take control of space and design a creative area that supports our project priorities.

In this Mini you will learn how to synergize time and muse to create a creative space and efficient system for organizing (and working on) your arts and crafts projects.

Let’s Get Movin: Stepping Our Way To Better Health

Mini #82

With our busy schedules, it is often difficult to find time to work out every day. Walking is one of the easiest ways to be physically active and can be done almost anywhere.  Recent studies recommend we take a minimum of 10,000 steps each day. It is also scientifically proven that people exercise more efficiently when they record their progress every day. Therefore, the benefits of walking can be amplified when we wear a pedometer to track our progress.   This mini will help you determine how many steps you are currently taking and help you to set and meet your personal walking goals.  With only a good pair of shoes and a pedometer you will be walking your way to better health before you know it.

Organizing and Inventorying Arts and Crafts Supplies


With all the little pieces and parts involved in arts and crafts, often we spend much of our creative time trying to find a specific item, or sorting what we have. This disarray also poses a challenge to our creativity, since the time involved in retreiving supplies may use up all the time we have.

In this Mini I  share ideas for effectivly organizing and storing arts and crafts supplies. We will also review how to create a catalog-inventory for punches, fabrics, stamps, and other large collection.

* Adapted from my ebook Step-by-Step Arts, Crafts, Stamp and Scrapbook Organizing

Creating an Heirloom Cookbook

Mini #80

When we look back through our passed down family recipe boxes and scribbled-notes, we discover a journal about our families—a history of tastes and times, evolving over the years. This history evolves around the kitchen table, and for fancier occasions in the dining room.

Our mother’s scratched-out-recipes, better ones added; coveted recipes from dear friends and inherited ones from generations passed; notes written in the margin, all lovingly adjusted and prepared—to bring health and pleasure and well-being to our families three times a day, every day, every year. Then our additions become added in those margins; the cycle begins again with a new “biography” built in the kitchen and brought to the table.

This Mini focuses on combining favorite recipes and memories from family members to create an Heirloom Cookbook. This makes a wonderful keepsake and gift. Ideas for gathering recipes and stories are offered along with templates for building your cookbook.