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FM: Power of Prayer

Mini #79
Available 5/2/09
17 pages

In this Faith Matters Study we explore the Power of Prayer and how to enrich our prayer life day - to - day. In addition to reflection questions on God’s Word, we explore practical instructions for keeping a prayer journal and using prayer time to enrich our connection with God.

Conquering Electronic Clutter

Mini Makeover #76

13 pages

While electronic clutter does not pile up on our desktops like paper clutter, it can impede our effectiveness and ability to take action. This Mini will help you to work through creating an effective file storage system for your computer. This Mini covers creating effective file trees within folders on your computer to locate different types of information easily.(It does not include email routing, since each person may use a different email program–although the premise could easily be applied to email as well.)

Overcoming W.A.D. Thinking

Mini Makeover #77
(W.A.D. stands for Worry - Anxiety - Depression)11 pages

It was once believed that depression or anxiety that made people think negatively, but psychologists and psychiatrists have discovered that most people who struggle with anxious or depressed feelings first had negative, pessimistic, distorted thoughts that pro¬duced those feelings.

This Mini is divided into two sections. The first section will help us to identify areas in your life where negative thinking may be immobilizing or harming you. The inventory we create in this section will serve as a foundation for the second section where you will learn about the 11 negative thought traps. We will examine how these traps have been working in your life and then take steps to free yourself from the traps that create anxiety, worry, stress and depression.

Creating a Home Inventory

Mini Makeover #078

10 pages

You never know when a disaster may strike—but a home inventory can help you minimize the disruption and loss.
A home inventory can help you
•    Buy the amount of insurance you need
•    Get your insurance claim settled faster, and for the correct amount
•    Verify losses for your income tax return
•    Keep track of the belongings you’ve accumulated over the years

This Mini walks you through the process of creating a room-by-room inventory including both online and offline resources to guide you.