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Creating a Goal-Treasure Book

Mini #52

Study after study has shown how recordig our goals, dreams, aspirations and affirmations improves our ability to manifest our goals in our lives.  In this Mini we explore how to build a “Treasure Book” filled with pages and words that inspire and affirm our personal and professional goals.

You’ll learn book-building basics
How this technique helps you
How to use your Treasure Book to maximize life results
Complete four exercises to beginning building a book of your own

From “To Do” to Done: How to Effectively Break Down (and manage) a Project

Mini #51
In the Make Today Matter Toolbox we learned about projects and tasks. Projects require multiple action steps to complete and often stretch out over a period of time or require the involvement of others. Learning how to break down a project into realistic action steps is the first key to accomplishing that project.; learning how to give your plan a “reality check” is the second key and the third key is implementation and revision.

In this Mini you will be ecnouraged to choose a project you are currently working on and then work through a series of assignments to break that project down and learn the project management tools to get it done.

This Mini is perfect for….

  1. Anyone who has a lot of project management as part of their personal or professional life.
  2. Anyone struggling with all the paper involved in a project
  3. Anyone who finds they tend to “stall” on projects and need proven techniques to keep them moving forward