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Practicing the Proverbs

Faith Matters - Mini #46

In this Faith Matters Study we explore 15 Proverbs. Each Proverb exploration includes a call to action to put the Scripture into practice in your own life. There are two implementation ideas for each Proverb for a total of 30 ideas to implement over the course of the month. The study is designed as a printable journal to record your experience of practicing the Proverbs.

Back in the Groove

Mini #45

It was fun to develop this Mini because it emphasizes the part of the Make Today Matter Life System that is most important to me. When I created MTM, it was very important to me that it contained a contingency plan for when “life happens.” I wanted women to know that when life happens and you cannot login as often as you would like or the Toolbox Steps seem a million miles away—it’s okay. You are not behind. You are right where you should be and MTM is ready for you—no matter where you are.

This Mini is designed for two audiences in particular:
1.    Women who completed the Toolbox but worked quickly or did not fully implement each Step.
2.    Women who have been away from the program because life happened and are looking for some guidance to get “back in the groove.”

During the first seven days we review and focus on the 5 essential practices to build a solid daily foundation. During the second week we walk through how to make the most of your Make Today Matter Membership and use the site to match your goals and priority areas.

Monthly Planning Step-by-Step

Mini Makeover #44 - Monthly Planning

This 11 page Mini focuses on monthly and long-term planning. We work step-by-step through how to incorporate long-term items into the MTM Foundation learned in the Toolbox. In addition we add and review a couple of new tools to your system–the Appointments list and Dates & Deadlines printable.