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Good Morning offers proven tools to help us live our best life daily. While studies show breakfast to be the most important meal of the day, Brook Noel believes a positive “emotional breakfast” is a key source of emotional, mental, and physical strength for the day. Good Morning provides readers with a daily dose of inspiration to make every day matter.


More than 40,000 women have realized the benefit of starting their day with a positive thought and Good Morning, a principle tool from the bestselling book The Change Your Life Challenge, also authored by Brook Noel. Each day for more than three years, Noel has sent a daily email, challenge, and affirmation to her readers.

By request, Good Morning compiles a years’ worth of positive morning messages into a single volume, offering readers 365 reflective boosts to begin the day.

“I have read your emails for years. They say that thoughts lead to actions; your Good Mornings are a cleansing to the mind. Can’t tell you what a good diet it has been.” -Tiffani

ISBN-13:  9781402212246
Published by Sourcebooks

About the Author
Brook Noel is a CEO, author, speaker and mom. She has been featured on hundreds of shows and in magazines, including ABC World News, CNN Headline News and Fox and Friends. She is the author of I Wasn’t Ready to Say Goodbye, The Change Your Life Challenge, and others.
I count on Brook’s Good Morning to remind me of what is really important in life. - Michelle

Brook’s Good Mornings have a way of changing my day. No matter the quote…it gives me a reason to view my day differently…especially if it didn’t start out right.. Betsy 

Your messages are a gift every morning and encourage me to look beyond myself. Claudia

The Good Morning messages never fail to brighten my day and/or give me a gentle nudge in the right direction. Fran

I treasure the good morning message each day. They are wonderful positive way to start each and every day. Lorna