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Moving forward…

January 15, 2009 By: Brook Noel Category: all, challenges, courage and strength, goals and dreams No Comments →

 “I will never take a step backward. Sideways, diagonally, up, down, but never back.”—A Toyota insert in the June 2005 issue of “O, the Oprah Magazine”

Good morning! I was flipping through old magazines while looking for some positive sayings for a goal poster. I came across an insert in the June 2005 issue of “O” that I wanted to share with you. The campaign was done by Toyota under the slogan “Moving forward.” In it were three small cards detailing ideas for moving forward; on the back was space for writing down how you would move forward yourself. One of the cards included the quote above. The other two are: “I will contemplate my own limitations and then exceed them,,” and “I will become my own role model.” How empowering each of these statements can be if we don’t just read them, but instead truly live them.

Your Turn:
Choose one of these quotes as a theme for “moving forward” this month and write it down in your calendar. Create an action list of how you will live the quote in your life.

Today’s Affirmation:
I move forward in life. I am unstoppable.